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We have been working with Bulldogs since 1993.  In '02 we purchased our first Old Boston Bulldog (Signoretti's Kona of Rutan).  After seeing the temperament and drive of these little dogs, we were hooked.
Our foundation stock was acquired directly from Rutan's yard. We have been very selective with the bloodlines we have chosen to work with.  Our bulldogs are bred for the working man or woman in mind. As well as great companions, we strive to produce performance bulldogs with tons of drive, stable temperaments and sound bodies.
Our dogs range from 30-40 lbs. for males and 25-35 lbs. for females. They come in a variety of colors (black, blue, reds, browns, fawns and all shades of brindle with white markings).


For More Information, Please Feel Free To Contact us.

Jeff Signoretti
(951) 313-2848
Nixa, MO 65714


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